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As a team, we work with the following principles to ensure that our customers, stakeholders and distributors achieve safe and fast results by using molecular technologies in the fields of human health, animal health and food safety, and to produce our product portfolio at the most effective solution, minimum risk and cost levels taking into account regulatory needs.

• Effective operation of the quality system is of great importance to us. We implement the requirements of ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001:2015, monitor the effectiveness of our system and continuously improve it with quality objectives established in line with the quality policy. 

• Since the day we were founded, we offer sustainable safe solutions with our brand value special products developed in our R&D center with basic principles based on science, innovative and a desire to make a meaningful difference in everything we do.

• It is our priority to protect the reputation and reliability of our company's name. We strive to gain the trust of our customers with the principles of fairness, ethics and honest behavior by ensuring that our products are produced in accordance with the necessary standards and regulations.

• We work with all our business partners on a long-term, transparent, impartial and mutual gain basis.

• We carry out our activities based on the understanding of "respect for humanity" with our ethical working principles established in accordance with our responsibility national and international laws, directives and standards and in line with our common values.

• We work hard to positively change the behavior of our employees and stakeholders by carrying out production for a sustainable environment that fulfills its social responsibilities. 

• We think without prejudice, express clearly, make decisions by thinking jointly and act together in line with the decisions we make.

• We support the competencies, abilities, development and progress of our employees, who are the most valuable part of our family. Taking into account their satisfaction, we offer a safe working environment where everyone is prosperous and at peace, and we care about teamwork.

In the light of these principles, fulfilling our responsibilities, meeting customer satisfaction, systematically ensuring quality and continuous improvement awareness is the common understanding of all of us as Bioeksen R&D Technologies Inc. employees.

Huzur Mah. Metin Oktay Cad. Nurol Life Sitesi D Blok No:3/31 Sarıyer İSTANBUL TÜRKİYE

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