Our Administrative Values

Our Administrative Values

Interaction between individuals rather than processes and tools,

Processes and tools should not reach a level that will create a waste of time, and should not disrupt the interactions between individuals and themselves. As individuals, we are combative and innovative, but we take social responsibility towards society and adopt ethical values.

Development with feedback instead of documentation consisting of compelling rules,

We take a value-oriented approach, prioritize the patients who are our focus and to achieve the best in our actions that affect them, and use resources accordingly. We produce only value-expressing documentation and do not allow documentation that prevents the progress of the work, creating a load rather than value.

Cooperation with the customer instead of contract negotiations,

Contracts come across as elements that make things difficult to progress from time to time, in this case, we talk to the customer, create an environment of trust, and go for solutions that will increase efficiency by establishing fair cooperation. We see the customer not as a separate and opposing party, but as part of the same team with enthusiasm.

Responding to change instead of walking with a fixed plan,

Adapting plans according to changing conditions increases the effectiveness of services. We know that the plan is a tool and that in order to achieve the goal, this tool requires co-action in parallel with change. We are aware that success will not come by following a plan made immediately at the beginning of the work when we have very little information, but will be successful in the process when the plans are developing and changing in the process.